Quality Nitrile Gloves Made in the USA

Quality Nitrile Gloves Made in the USA

Bringing Manufacturing Back to America

Glove One is on a mission to provide consumers with an American-made, superior brand of nitrile gloves uniquely formulated to be the highest quality in the world. We are a subsidiary of Health Supply US, a trusted partner of the U.S. Government and a leading manufacturer and distributor of American-made medical devices and FDA-compliant PPE. Glove One is committed to more than our high-quality products and services; we are determined to secure America’s future and reduce reliance on foreign manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art nitrile glove factory in Greenville, South Carolina, will restore our PPE supply chains, generate investment in local communities, and strengthen America’s national security. We supply public and private hospital networks, private corporations, and educational institutions, as well as federal, state, and local governments. As a proven healthcare and medical supply industry leader, Glove One passionately dedicates itself to fulfilling our client’s needs and delivering exceptional products and client service.

Creating Hundreds of New High-Paying Jobs

Manufacturing 4.3 Billion Gloves Annually

Strengthening Our PPE Supply Chain

Securing America's Future

Building a Stronger America, One Glove at a Time.

Glove One’s mission is to provide high-quality medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) to safeguard the health and safety of Americans.  We are dedicating resources to expanding domestic manufacturing, considering it essential for national and economic security.  We surpass customer expectations through our dedication to excellence, innovation, and integrity.

Proudly Produced in the United States

At Glove One, we are committed to reviving America’s PPE supply chains to ensure America’s independence and security.

Chris Garcia, Founder

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